The New Statutes of CTFA Have Been Ratified on May 8th 2015 09/05/2015
The New Statutes of CTFA Have Been Ratified on May 8th 2015
On May 8th, the CTFA convened the Extraordinary General Assembly in order to discuss and to vote for the ratification of its new Statutes in line with FIFA and UEFA, based on the relevant Executive Board decision taken on April 20th. 

The Extraordinary GA that took place at the Ahmet Sami Topcan Conference Room at the CTFA Headquarters in the presence of 40 Club Presidents and Representatives. President Hasan Sertoğlu of the CTFA addressed the delegates at the beginning of the session before proceeding to discussions on various items of the new Statutes. 

At the end of the discussion procedure, the new Statutes that are comprised of reforming and harmonising the current Statutes in line with FIFA and UEFA rules and regulations, were ratified with 38 Yes votes plus the 1 vote of the President and 2 abstentions.
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